Posted on 11/21/2017

Today we celebrate one of our very first clients lives who began booking with his nephew Gary our co-founder as soon as he heard we were in business. Uncle Jerry did not hesitate to book multiple trips, and bring several new friends into our business from at least two countries Canada and the US. Uncle Jerry beamed with life, and even when illness had him down in his latter years he still traveled, and dreamed of his next cruise, his next trip to Cuba! Uncle Jerry took his favorite young nephew Steven around the world by ship. Here is a great picture of them in the ice bar on the NCL Epic. Jerry would join me, and my family on cruises even, and it was a pleasure to get to know this wonderful person.

Gerald Bram was a world renowned interior decorator who left a legacy in Florida, and New York City. His collection of art, sculptures, and memories from around the world that adorn his home show the personalty and world travel that Jerry saw during his life. A life that touched many people, and always brought a smile to your face when he sat down for dinner with you. His sister Marilyn and brother in law Stan Goldenberg introduced me to Uncle Jerry before one of our larger group cruises that we were all traveling on, and the rest is great memories! Gary, Steven, and Aveney traveled almost yearly since we started our business with Uncle Jerry. Aveney was an angel, sent who helped Jerry travel, and live assisting with his medical treatments, and keeping him going in his latter years.

Today as they put our great friend, incredible Uncle, brother, fellow traveler, to rest. We thank the Goldenbergs for bringing him into our company as family, and I know he will continue to travel the world and the heavens above.